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Polarization question to go along with previous email

>From my last email I was talking about building circular polarized quagi's.

In the process of designing this project I learned about 2 quagi's on the 
same boom ofset 90degrees/ 1/4wanelength. After some more reading not to sure 
how to set it up as to the polarization WITHOUT a switching system.

EXAMPLE: Above antenna is built without a way to switch which antenna has the 
phasing delay harness in line. So if the forward (verticle) antenna is at 
0degrees and the later (horizontal) antenna is at 90degrees delay would that 
give me right-handed or left-handed circular polarization?

OR am I totally mistaken and don't need the phasing delay line segment at 
all??? Since the antennas are already 90degrees out of phase since they are 
ofset 90degrees/ 1/4wave seperation on the boom already?

PS: Still no credit card. Tried to get it from the WIFE and now I am missing 
a few fingers...  :-)

73's Jacob Tennant,KB8QIR
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