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Re: Chimney Mounting for sat antennas?

At 03:30 PM 10/23/99 -0400, Scott Schmautz wrote:
>Hi all,
>Anyone have any experience with chimney mounting satellite antennas?
>I have recently moved into a new house, and am getting ready to put up my
>mode B antennas when P3D gets going. I am going to get my roof done in the
>next year or so, and would prefer to mount the antennas on something other
>than a roof tripod. If anyone has any tips on chimney mounting the
>antennas, ie hardware sources, mounting configurations etc, please let me
>I would be mounting the 22 el vhf/18 el uhf KLM ants, with probably a Myers
>2.4 ghz rcve antenna, with the appropriate preamps etc on the mast.

I had a setup like that (22/40 KLM's) chimney-mounted for several years while I was sharing a house. I found the hardware offered by Radio Shack to be too wimpy-looking, but I found some very robust galvanized steel hardware at an independent TV shop. (Good luck finding an independent TV shop these days.) I used three corner brackets with straps to stand up a mast of steel pipe. It was a relatively tall chimney, affording reasonably good leverage. Az/El rotor mounted together on the top of the pipe, making the whole thing top-heavy and quite awkward to handle. I stuck a two-by-four under the bottom of the mast to prevent the pipe from punching through the roof.

I'm not sure it's good for the chimney. They aren't really designed to take that kind of stress. I didn't see any damage, though, except for gouges in the corner bricks where the mount straps and hardware dug in.

Here in San Diego we don't get much weather, except a few days of high winds every year or two. It's a pretty benign environment for antenna mounting.

Our fireplace was used frequently. The lower mast and rotors ended up quite filthy, encrusted with soot. This had no obvious effect on performance, but it sure made it messy to work on the antennas.

Now that I own a house I prefer a through-roof mounted quad-pod for the satellite antennas. It does a better job of supporting the mast, and the azimuth rotor stays at the bottom. My chimney is only asked to hold up a small VHF vertical.

By the way, the antennas you describe may well be gross overkill for Phase 3D.

73  -Paul

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