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AO-10 Activity

On this morning's near-perigee pass over the Pacific, no JA's or VK's were 
heard, but plenty of ops were up early on Saturday morning in N.A.:  KD6PAG, 
K6CCC, K0BLT, WC0Y, KF4FDJ, N1JEZ, VE3NPC, VE3KNG, & VA2JML.  Fades were deep 
and long, but the periods between the fades were excellent, with strong 
signals and good audio fidelity (no FM'ing).  

This evening's near-perigee pass over S.A. is from roughly (depending on 
where you are) 2315 - 2340 UTC (1815 - 1840 TCT).  Donde esta operario radio 
(satelite) en America del Sur?

Jerry, K5OE
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