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RE: And where are the PIRATES??

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> Sent: Saturday, October 23, 1999 5:33 AM
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> Subject: [amsat-bb] And where are the PIRATES??
> One thing XE2EKY and I will do is to go to that place and monitor
> 145.850Mhz for a couple of days and determine if that's the 
> place where the pirate interference in AO-27 is coming from.
> In case we get proof of their ilegal operation we will issue a 
> demand to the COFETEL office in Mexico city and get legal action 
> against this pirates as soon as possible.
> 73 de XE2BSS Alejandro Pereida
> xe2bss@amsat.org

Good morning,

	I surely do not intend to tell you how to do things in your own
country, but I would advise EXTREME CAUTION in what you are about
to do.  I spent several years of my time in the U.S. Army assisting
various agencies in the war against drugs.  (Yes, it is a war).  I knew
the guy who maintained the radio equipment on the Mexican side.
The operative word here is KNEW.  He is no more.

	If you are lucky, they are simply taxi drivers, and will only be
very upset that you are destroying their business and taking food out
of the mouths of their children.  If you are unlucky, their purpose will
be more sinister, and one or two lives more or less will not stop them.

	The border can be a dangerous place.  Please be careful, anyone
trying to do this.  At best, these people will be very upset if they find
out who you are and what you are up to.  You can imagine the worst.

Good luck,

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