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And where are the PIRATES??

For some days XE2EKY and I have been monitoring carefully AO-27 and have
been listening for many days some pirates that are using the 145.850 Mhz
frequency in simplex for commercial and private purposes.

According to some observation and clues we strongly suspect that this
pirates or at least the ones we hear often, are in a city near the border
called San Luis in the state of Sonora Mexico.

Here are the reasons why we suspect the pirate interference comes from
the place mentioned above:

1.- Several times we have heard this pirates (spanish speaking) right when
AO-27 is covering Sonora and Baja and no other mexican state.

2.- Many of the times we heard them, they talk about their position and
names of street such as: Revolucion y 26, Juarez y cuarta.


The only cities that AO-27 has covered when we started to listen to the 
pirates were: San Luis in the state of Sonora and Mexicali, Tijuana,
Tecate and Ensenada in the state of Baja California.

The only city that has streets with the names above mentioned and that
intersect with each other is San Luis in Sonora.

Not to mention that this city as a very bad fame because of the huge
amount of pirates using the ham VHF band for commercial purposes and this
is because the nearest SCT office that controls or supervises the use of
the RF spectrum is in Hermosillo many miles away from San Luis, so there
is no authority that constanlty checks for pirates.

One thing XE2EKY and I will do is to go to that place and monitor
145.850Mhz for a couple of days and determine if that's the place where
the pirate interference in AO-27 is coming from.

Of course this may be just one of many groups of pirates in other places
interfereing with the pirates but this ones in San Luis are the ones we
hear more often on the 'bird' downlink.

It seems according to what we have heard that it is a group of taxi cabs
the ones using this frequency because they are constantly giving their
position to each other.

In case we get proof of their ilegal operation we will issue a demand to
the COFETEL office in Mexico city and get legal action against this
pirates as soon as possible.

73 de XE2BSS Alejandro Pereida

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