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Re: Further AO-10 Observations On Perigee Passes

KD6PAG writes:
> Attached are predictions for the coming week for portions of passes which
>  are near-perigee passes (e.g. < 157 dB loss) and not in eclipse.  K5OE has
>  noted a pass that wasn't on either coast, so i've included Texas as well as
>  both coasts in this set.

Isn't Texas the center of the universe?  I even have all my keps converted to 
TCT :-))

Seriously, John, the pass I noted was specifically aimed at S.A., hoping to 
encourage some of our lattitude-challenged friends to get on the birds.  

I heard strong JA stations this morning as the bird was rising in the West.  
My calcs show coming out of eclipse a few minutes earlier than you show:  a 
close (12,000 km) opening tomorrow from JA/ZL/VK to 6-land (Berkley?  Did I 
tell you I lived in the East Bay for 3 years?)  beginning at 1248 UTC (1748 
TCT).  I've worked Japan on my TPM II's, but a ZL in the log would be FB!
Jerry, K5OE
ps:  your 1 Watt on AO-27 sounded FB today.  Almost as loud as the taxi 
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