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Further AO-10 Observations On Perigee Passes

I have been causally timing the QSB during perigee passes and note a 
semi-consistant pattern of about a 14 minute cycle:  8 minutes of discernible 
audio going from "barely there," through the "warble" stage, on up to about 
S5 signals, and then back down again.  The progression appears fairly linear, 
but I took no quantitative readings.  The 5-to-6 minute fade is, as reported 
by the ops in the UK, complete--absolutely nothing heard from the transponder 
for this period, although I could discern the beacon even in the deepest part 
of the fade.  

This behavior is important to note, because if you listen for AO-10 and don't 
hear anything, it may just be a fade.  Wait a few minutes and keep trying the 
transponder.  When the signals pop up, talk fast :-))

The perigee pass tonight over the southern US and all of S.A. is 0002 - 0026 
Jerry, K5OE
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