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Re: [aprssig] Re: Re: Worldwide linked AMSAT Groundstations

On Thu, 21 Oct 1999, Henry Moseley wrote:

> Jeff King, Brian Riley, and Bob Bruninga are on the right track but it is
> very much in order to spell out now what the users want the software to do.

Well for one, it is not for APRS.  We already have plenty of people
working on that area..  It is for Satellite Telemetry and other non-APRS
stuff, such as ACARS (commercial Aircraft tracking, etc...)

> We have been touting the concept of the lone lost mountaineer or
> sailor who wants to send this UI frame to his base camp...

Yes, but that is APRS, and we do/will have a network to handle that..

> Please don't use up the satellite passes for mere conventional APRS
> unless this email forwarding feature is included...

I agree 100%.  Lets use the satelites for those people who need them


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