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Re: [aprssig] Worldwide linked AMSAT Groundstations

On 10/20/99 12:35 AM, Bob Bruninga (bruninga@nadn.navy.mil)  passed this 

 >On Tue, 19 Oct 1999, Brian B. Riley wrote:
 >> >The software exists.  Just need to duplicate what we have... for this
 >> >special application...  Rather than see a bunch of non-compatible
 >> >implementations evolve, it might be better to just spin-off from the
 >> >APRServe model which has been serving millions of packets for over 4
 >> >years...
 >>   Win/MacAPRS needs to be modified to take data from more than one server 
 >> at once, the commands make is eem lkike yopu can but as soon as you try 
 >> it forces you to close the open port.
 >No, Mac/WInAPRS are end user software.  THey are not needed in this
 >application.   It is the APRServe "server" is all that is needed to make a
 >central server for this experimental network.  THen Mac/WIn or any other
 >software including dumb terminals and simple TELNET sessions can be used
 >to access the data by the end user...

  Au Contraire ... the people who will take advantage of the APRSpace 
Server may very well want to be looking at the Space Stream as well as 
normal APRServe stream ... they at least should have that option and that 
currently is not there.

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