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Re: [aprssig] Re: Worldwide linked AMSAT Groundstations

On Wed, 20 Oct 1999, Bob Bruninga wrote:

 > No, Mac/WInAPRS are end user software.  THey are not needed in this
 > application.   It is the APRServe "server" is all that is needed to make a
 > central server for this experimental network.

Hmmmm..... you must really want to use this. OK, then a couple of question.

Is the present author willing to either modify it as you see fit OR is the
author willing to release the source code (and a new programmer to step in and
pick things up)? If both these answers are NO, then I don't think this is a

 > After years of very reliable operations, the last few weeks have had some
 > problems while some mods are being made to make the network more robust...

Which is again why I suggested you look at the Ping-Pong convers server/ KA9Q
NOS system. Not only is it more of a decentralized model then what we already
have, the "hooks" exist for present day OVER THE AIR amateur RF
networking in this package. Its also OPEN SOURCE and can interface with
almost any amateur modem/RF package (KISS, TNC's, soundcards, GRAPES,
PI, DRSI, Baycom, SCI cards, Part 15 SS modems, etc).

Since your now starting with a "clean slate", this might be the time to step
a bit and take a longer range view on the project.


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