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Re: Tracking accuracy questions

   PS: I actually even transmitted my call and grid ONCE during the pass so if
   you heard me let me know!!!  I KNOW I SHOULDN'T HAVE TRANSMITTED WITHOUT 

The problem is people transmitting who don't realize they can't hear the
bird.  Testing is a accepted procedure, recognized by Part 97.  It would
be best if you say "testing" so people know that you may not be able to
answer them.  Half the problem with people who can't hear the bird on 
AO-27 is all of the other operators who don't know not to answer them!
(n.b. Anyone calling CQ on AO-27 is immediately suspect [unless bird is
completely quiet].)

       It showed that AO-27 would pass in range of my station from 11:48:58am 
   EDT till 12:03:47pm this morning. I am located in North-Central West Virginia 
   (39.6458N/79.9998W  FM09ap).

       A friend of mine was listening on the downlink for me while we were on 
   the phone together.(Pickup new UHF radio tonight!!!) and we were not able to
   hear anything except for a few seconds of squelch breaking for the entire 

Yeah, that's the problem with AO-27, it's not easy to hear.  "If you can hear
it, you can work it."  The key thing is the choice (and use) of an antenna.
Feel free to ask questions.  

If you want to work me (or the other John, K6YK), out here in California, 
try one of the following passes:

   Thu  21Oct99:
     17:04:46 17:11:30 17:18:21  00:13:35   29  93 158  21.1  Berkeley
     17:02:30 17:08:17 17:14:12  00:11:42  352 300 249  12.5  Pittsburgh

   Fri  22Oct99:
     16:38:29 16:44:15 16:50:02  00:11:34   39  90 141  11.0  Berkeley
     16:35:00 16:41:35 16:48:18  00:13:19  358 296 233  21.4  Pittsburgh

   Sat  23Oct99:
     16:12:51 16:16:45 16:20:47  00:07:56   53  85 118   4.0  Berkeley
     16:07:37 16:14:45 16:22:09  00:14:31    4 292 218  36.0  Pittsburgh

The Thursday pass may be to hard to start off with, but Friday looks like a
good choice.  On Saturday, you may encounter the 'thundering herd' (albeit
lately, weekday DX passes have been as bad as comparable weekend passes).

In any case, you can use these to check your own predictions.

73's and good luck.  West Virginia is not a common state, and lots of people
will want to work you.
                                -- KD6PAG
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