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Win95/98 Tracking program?

Hello All:

	I'm new to this list and I have a question.  I have Instant Track and
QuikTrack programs I purchased from AMSAT.  I want to get a windows 95/98
tracking program.  

I've looked at NOVA for windows and Logsat.

Nova works and looks great but makes no provision for displaying Doppler
(that I could find).  Did I miss that feature?

Logsat is OK but not as impressive looking as Nova in my opinion.

Can anyone suggest a program other then the 2 I mentioned?  Or your opinion
of both Nova and Logsat?

Any advice is appreciated.

On another matter:  Is there a source for the Drake downconverter that can
be moded for 2400 mhz?

Clifton KF5OJ

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