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Re: [aprssig] Worldwide linked AMSAT Groundstations

Hi Bob:

Bob Bruninga wrote:

 > The software exists.  Just need to duplicate what we have... for this
 > special application...  Rather than see a bunch of non-compatible
 > implementations evolve, it might be better to just spin-off from the
 > APRServe model which has been serving millions of packets for over 4
 > years...

You might want to look at the Ping-Pong convers system that has been in
place for over 10 years in amateur radio. This is a world wide "chat" type
system, that got its start with KA9Q NOS. It is very robust and offers linking
both via the internet as well as *real* amateur radio. It also can do "cross
so that if one site goes down, its not a major disaster. The source code is
freely available. It runs on Dos, Linux as well as I believe Mac's. This
server would also be easily extendable to the "APRSnet" type RF

Its biggest problem is no dupe filtering, but of course it wasn't written with
APRS in mind. But as I said, the source is available so that may be solvable.
It also will do 8 bit data (save a few control codes) so that
would solve the MIC-E problem as well as let us use more compact AVL

To see how it works, telnet to one of the nodes at:

telnet port 3600
(windows folks, goto your run window, and type:
"telnet 3600" without the quotes
You'll want to set you terminal to half duplex as
there is no echoing (remember, it is written to be a over
the air application).

Then login with your call like so "/n wb4apr".  This will
put you in user mode, "/h" will get you a help list. Channel 0
is where most of the activity is, to go there type "/ch 0". To
see who is on the system, type  "/w".  There is also
a COMMAND mode, but you do a different login sequence
for this when you login. The APRS display apps would use this
command mode as would any sat gateways.

There presently are 32000+ channels available. APRS simply could put
its data streams on one or more channels. As this system is already
in place in many places of the world, it seems like we should at least
look into using it instead of always re-inventing the wheel. I think even
the DX cluster folks are using certain parts of it now. It most certainly
offers a more robust approach then the client-server model we are
now using as well as being more geared towards a radio enviroment.



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