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Worldwide linked AMSAT Groundstations (fwd)

Linked Ground Stations:

Many papers at the AMSAT Symposium mentioned the need for linked
ground stations to permit worldwide access to satellite downlinks in real
time.  In fact we had several such stations linked via APRServe during the
last few years of MIR.  Its time to formalize these efforts.

APRServe written by Steve DImse K4HG has this ability to accept dozens if
not hundreds of simultaneous users and to both accept and re-feed all data
to all users live.  This is the core of the worldwide distribution of APRS
packets via the internet.  The MIR linked stations simply
fed their data into APRServe and then anyone could see it live.

But it is time to move this traffic off of APRServe and onto a dedicated
experimental channel.  We could call this APRSpace.  

Since a recent major outage of APRServe, numerous "mirror" sites are
springing up, so this shows how the software is able to be replicated on
any site with permanent Internet access.  We only need ONE APRSpace server
and it can then feed and accept data from anyone.

Here are examples of the kinds of data that I or anyone else could feed
into APRSpace that can then be seen by anyone else... live at any time...

   PACSAT Downlinked TEelemtry, Status, and PBlists
   ACARS packet data from commercial aircraft
   Experimental data of any type (must look like an AX.25 packet)

We need someone to "take charge and move out" with this idea...
This will clean up some of the burden on APRServe and also then provide
experimenters a needed channel for real-time amateur Radio experiments...
(linked around the world live by the internet)...

The software exists.  Just need to duplicate what we have... for this
special application...  Rather than see a bunch of non-compatible
implementations evolve, it might be better to just spin-off from the
APRServe model which has been serving millions of packets for over 4

To see how it works, simply TELNET to port 23

de WB4APR, Bob

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