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Coax: The Best for Less...FREE.

Most communication professionals use Andrews LDF-50 7/8" hardline in
commercial applications where low loss is desirable at VHF and UHF
frequencies.  Most Amateurs would certainly balk at the new cost of
$5.00 per foot and about $50.00 per connector.  A little known secret is
that this used cable could be available near you for FREE if you are
willing to do a little leg work.

When communication companies install new equipment at commercial sites
it is not uncommon to remove any abandon cable left on the tower.  It
is rare that they reuse this cable or resell it.  Most goes to scrap.
Even if a length of cable that is considered "bad" is removed from a 
300 foot tower, it is usually possible to salvage at least a good 100
foot section along with some connectors.  This cable is desireable for
use in amateur satellite and EME station installations.  

To find out who would have this "scrap" cable, check with your local
commercial two-way communications shops.  Ask if they do their own 
tower work and try to speak directly to some of the tower climb crew.
I would suggest to leave your name and phone number.  Let them know if
they have scrap cable that you will be willing to come to the work site 
to retrieve it.  This will save them the work of having to dispose of 
the cable.  If you offer them money (or gift) they may even bring the 
cable back to the shop for you to pick up.

If you don't have any luck with the local Com shops, ask who does most
of the tower work in your area.  Contact these guys and you may be 
pleasantly suprised what they may have laying around for you, just for
the asking.

I use Andrews hardline in my station installation and it works great!
The best part is that it was all FREE!!!  (free: Hams favorite word)

Good Luck and Happy Hunting,
Brook Smith N8OCX
AMSAT #24166  n8ocx@amsat.org

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