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RE:FlexNet for 9600 packet satellites?

(Copy of message sent to Thomas Sailer)

Tom, thank you for the help you have previously given me.  I learning how to 
code in c++.  I would like to attempt to develop a module for flexnet.  
Could you point me to some info on the development and theory of flexnet and 
I/O protocols.  From corresponding with other amateurs it seems that there 
isn't any means to use flexnet with pacsats.  If a module could be developed 
that emulates a TNC running full duplex KISS mode, it seems that this would 
enable pacsat protocol programs to run without spending $300 on a TNC.  It 
seems that the only hardware one would need is a SB card or a $60 modem.  If 
my assumptions are correct this would be a breakthrough.

                                            73's de KQ6UP

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