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Re: Coax

-> I'm just getting started in satellite work. I traded in all my old
-> junky radios for a bright shiny new FT-847.  I've got antenna ideas
-> and some parts scouted out.  Now for coax.
-> I understand the need for low loss coax.  There are a number of
-> choices: 9913F, LMR400, Aircell and others. Are there good reasons to
-> choose one over the other?  Any advice from the old hands to an utter
-> newbie?
-> Robert Rice

This is a good discussion point. Robert, I went through the same
decision process about a year ago when I was putting up my tower and
satellite antenna array. I have a 72 foot tower with 2/70 beams on top,
along with several antennas. I ran "Buryflex" down the tower (from The
Wireman) to my junction/grounding box, then LMR400 underground in
conduit over to the edge of the house.

The key thing that now makes me reconsider the wisdom of using very low
loss feedline is that I also mounted preamps right at the sat. beam
antennas for best recieve performance. After using the setup for a year
or so, it seems that the preamps make SO much difference, that I don't
operate without them. If that is the case, then the low loss aspect of
my feedline doesn't matter as much, because all that really matters now
is the loss of signal between the antenna and the preamp. The preamp
itself has enough output signal that RG213 would have done the job just
fine. Get the drift here? I think if I had it all to do over again, I
would just buy the best preamps I could find and use average loss
feedline. This thinking doesn't apply for antenna setups without

Comments from hams with similar setups would be appreciated.

Steve Diggs, W4EPI
Atlanta Area Coordinator

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