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rare QSO in FO-20

Hello my Friends:

The last month in September 10 of 1999 at 00:50 UTC  i was talking
with  "N0AAM" name: Glen  IN FO-20  RST 5/7.    days after
i send MY QSL CARD  confirming QSO  like always  !

and today i receive my Personal QSL with a NOTE of Glen's WIFE:

Geln's Wife say me in the note:

    Oct 2, 99'

    Hector Solorzano
    Just a note to information you that Glen "DIED" on Nov. 5, 98'
    so don't know who you hear,  somebody else must have his call letters
    "N0AAM" .  he loved his radio.

                                sorry about this
                                  Glen's  Wife
  signature: ..............        Lau Cille 

Glen's Wife return my Personal Card with a Note inside.

NO is my imagination i have registered in my LOG BOOK the conctact..!!!

i remember well, 5 mins before i was working FO-20 with N7SFI and W0IT
and QSO with Glen duration about 2 mins. we  interchange  of callsings, grids
and city names, ect.. fast QSO protocol..!!

what happend...  I DON'T KNOW..!!!!

73's FROM Mexicali,
                                  ( 0 0 )
                              .ooO. (_) .Ooo.
     (``\-.-/'`) XE2EKY. Hector Solorzano      Grid Square: DM22             
      `( 0 0 )`  QTH:  Av. Veracruz y 7a. 1500 Mexicali, B.C. 21140 Mex.                            
     .oO         E-Mail: xe2eky@cinco.ampr.org     CW   RTTY  HSMS, HSCW
     (  )   Oo.  Satellite: AO-27 RS-13 RS-15 FO-20  FO-29  R0MIR  SO-35
-----\_)--(  )-----------------------------------------------------------
           (_/   Packet BBS: CINCO.AMPR.ORG     XE2EKY (Sysop)      

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