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fo-20 questions

   Good Evening to all, 
      I have a basic question about mode J SSB on the fo birds. 
I've never tried to work them and was looking for info as to whether
they are inverting or not inverting. For SSB is it uplink on LSB
and down link USB?  
    To move up frequency on the receive do you move up on xmit
or does it trak rev on my FT736r?
   I know this should be a total newbe question and as soon as I get 
a chance to try it I'll probably figure it out but.....Looking over 
the "space craft" info on the AMSAT web page and looking thru my
Satelitte Experiments book I've come to the conclusion that unless 
its listed as inverting then we "have to assume" that it's not. 
   Of course some info I've seen on other web sites indicate that
its 2 meter usb and 430 lsb. 
   So I ask.  What is the correct or common mode. 
   Thanks, Mike Nason KA7HBB
PS. I'm going to try but have no 430 rec preamp. 
cushcraft 145-20t, klm 435-18c, Landweir 2m preamp, Ft736r
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