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JOTA Satellite Operations

Dear Tom,
we will operate on RS 13 during JOTA when it will be over Europe, in the
evening of Saturday and during the morning of Sunday. Our operators will
be IW3QBN, IW3RHJ and IV3WHU (me).
I hope to hear you and other radioamateurs (also non scout) in some way
during JOTA! We will try to listen also the satellites you will use.
There will be about 10 scout boys and girls with us during the QSO; we
will be active also in HF bands.  If anyone need more information on
JOTA: www.scout.org/jota

Bye, '73

       P.O. BOX 3717
34011 Aurisina (TS) ITALY

Locator: JN65TS
Mail to: iv3whu@qsl.net
Web: www.qsl.net/iv3whu

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 > Hi All,
 > We will operate a satellite demonstration station for the Boy and Girl
 > Scouts at the U.S. Air Force Academy on the 16th.  We will be
 > operational on KO-23, KO-25, UO-22, FO-20,  FO-29 and maybe AO-27
 > if its not too crowded. :-)
 > We would certainly like to hear from any other stations supporting
 > JOTA and any other former Scouts (or those that wanted to be)!!
 > See you on the birds!
 > 73  Tom  n0ntx

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