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AMSAT convention station

Steve, wb6bdy, and I thank those who helped with the set-up,  tear-down and 
operation of  the  satellite station we set up in the Hanalei Hotel parking 
lot on Sunday morning during the AMSAT convention.  You know who you are; 
with my memory I'd surely miss several if I attempted to name them.

And we appreciate the interest shown by the 60 or so visitors to the 
station.  We are also aware that the bus tours precluded attendance by a 
number of you, but the intensity of the entire convention schedule mandates 
scheduling on Sunday morning.

An embarrassing "thank you again" to the alert person who asked the 
question "is this connector important"  when he discovered the ACC1 data 
cable to the 821H flapping in the breeze!  And I blamed radar (oh, we do 
get it here) for the lack of copy on the first digital pass!

All of you field-dayers  will appreciate that, I know.

In the event any of you responded to our "greetings" on KO25 I would 
appreciate a duplication by e-mail.  Any response you may have made to us 
there will certainly be in the "bit bucket" by the time I manage to get my 
station back on the air.  It has grown "like Topsy" since my first  amateur 
satellite contact on 31 October 1974.  Some can imagine the detritus I've 
had to remove!  For the oldtimers out there...volunteer your station the 
next time a convention gets in town...you'll be glad you did.

Tnx agn, es cu on the birds.

    73 Dave   wb6llo@amsat.org

           Disagree; I learn.
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