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LO-19, IO-26, AO-16 Digi.

	Hello out there, I've been trying to get a digi reply from the sats
and although I can see the data and read the callsigns (Pacsat-1 etc.)I
cannot seem
to get my call to be shown, set up as follows:-

FT736R, 88 Jbeam downlink, M squared 12 el uplink, DSP 2232 tnc (Modem 13)
Packcom is the software for the tnc, STATION is the tracking and frequency
control, signals are sometimes 5 & 5, even at S 1 I can get the data to show
on the screen.

	I pick one of the uplink freqs (usually the first)
Does the beacon transmit even when a strong signal is present? (I am thinking
that a tnc won't transmit on a signal that lights the DCD.

Hi David, I followed your setup except that I use PACKCOM and STATION

Hi Peter,

I have seen my own UI frames coming back no problem.
It does take a few tries though.

I also have the 2232.
I use Paket 6 and modem 13.
I use Wisp to track and tune the downlink manually.

The pacsat adopts my callsign....and I see the beaconed text
from my callsign on the screen.

LO-19 is LUSAT-1

Maybe  I am too impatient but this (today) was a good pass on all three, I
expected some results <grin>

Thanks es 73 Peter VE7AHX.

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