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Re: promoting

   You are right.  Tonight on FO-20 I had a very pleasant 10 minute 3-way 
   conversation with Tom, WB4FWQ, and Brent, N6EMP.  That's TN, CA, and TX, all
   in a casual and relaxed conversation.  I also heard a ragchew (couple of VE's 
   I think) going on above us and W0EOZ on CW calling CQ below us.  All of this
   was in less than 10 kHz of the 100 kHz bandpass.  There's lot's of room up 
   there.  Come on up and join us.  

Oh, so it was W0EOZ calling; my CW is weak enough that i only got part of
that call.  VE3NPC was one of them and i didn't hear the other that well.
Also on, KK6R (two passes), KC7QFS, KD9ZK(?), and XE2EKY (also two passes).
It was a delightfully busy evening.  Sometimes on the Pacific passes, i have
the bird mostly to myself, hearing myself well when it passes over Hawaii.
You folks out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, there are folks out here
on the western states to talk to.  Please propose skeds here or via e-mail.

			      -- KD6PAG
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