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Re: AO-27/SO-35

As AO27 and SO35 are demonstrating, the thrill of a LIVE qso via satellite
is part of the fundamental excitement about HAM radio.  

Some of this was possibly overshadowed with the rise of digital satellites
in the early ninties.... which rode the wave of excitement with Email
style operations via flying BBS's.   But now that Email has become as
common as the telephone in the late ninties, we may be seeing a return to
this fundamental excitement (Live QSO's) on our birds.

Maybe this explains the renewed interest over the last year in UI chatting
via MIR and recently by the return of some UI digipeating via the older
1200 baud Pacsats.  These can be LIVE QSO's. They are just like AO27 and
SO35 in the joy of a live QSO, but they have one other great advantage....

And that is the short duration (<1 second) of a UI packet line of text
compared to the 5 to 10 second voice call.  Thus as many as 10 times more
users per pass can enjoy the channel.   Actually, it is more like 40 times
as many, since the 1200 baud PACSATS have 4 simultaneous uplink channels
to minimize collisions which optimizes the downlink to nearly 80%

Also, remember that with MIR, we were NOT using ARROW antennas and
handheld beams, but just an HT with rubber duck.  SO the thrill of a
handheld LIVE qso can be done digitally even easier than on AO27 and

Just something to consider...

de WB4APR, Bob

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