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Big oops. Pardon my brainlock.

Folks, I have to apologize one more time. I've got a bazillion sources
(well...three) for current keps. And I *thought* I'd installed a current
set manually in my copy of SatTrack. I'd been basically lazy, and had
been using the rather nice web-based SatTrack at 

http://acsprod1.acs.ncsu.edu/scripts/HamRadio/sattrack.perl (may it rest
in peace)

But in the meantime I'd hacked SatTrack into running on my Linux RH6
server at home...and *thought* I had worked out the procedure for
installing new keps into the program...but this was the first time (now
that the above URL is out of service) that I'd actually tried to *use* a
prediction from the Linux copy, and I also had my brand new Arrow out
for a spin at the same time. I could *swear* I'd seen it delivering
predictions with more current data, but obviously that was not the case.
So often we see what we want to see rather than what is there. 

Obviously I have some RTFM time ahead of me on SatTrack tomorrow, and as
for right now I just feel silly. Maggie promises to always check the
epoch on her keps now.  

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