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Re: promoting


> you know if we were to promote the other satellites like we have AO-27 for
>  the last year or so,  maybe we could get more usage of the other birds, you
>  know there has been times on FO-20 and FO-29 or RS-13 and even AO-10 

You are right.  Tonight on FO-20 I had a very pleasant 10 minute 3-way 
conversation with Tom, WB4FWQ, and Brent, N6EMP.  That's TN, CA, and TX, all 
in a casual and relaxed conversation.  I also heard a ragchew (couple of VE's 
I think) going on above us and W0EOZ on CW calling CQ below us.  All of this 
was in less than 10 kHz of the 100 kHz bandpass.  There's lot's of room up 
there.  Come on up and join us.  

If you like CW, try RS-13.  Lots of CW below 29.480.  It's timing is not too 
great right now, but by December it will have mid-N.A. passes in the evening 
(pretty popular with us working stiffs).

If you like DX, try AO-10.   This weekend there are a couple of really good 
openings to Europe where the bird will only be 7,000 - 20,000 km out.  
Unfortunately, it is at 0800 on Sat. and 0700 on Sun. for about an hour each. 
 BUT, it will be mid-morning in Europe and the sat will be close to them 
also.  You don't need an "OSCAR class" station to work AO-10 near perigee.  
Try it.

If you like birds, listen to the FO-29 Digitalker.

Don't for a minute think I don't like AO-27.  It brings out the contester in 
me :-))

Jerry, K5OE
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