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Re: amateur behavior

Well that is very mature... The foul language really helped put emphasis on
your important view...and help us to understand your message so much clearer.
I sure hope you don't talk on the airwaves like that because that is a

WHat happened to the comraderie between hams...????

At 07:57 PM 10/12/1999 -0400, greg wrote:
>im sick of this belt clip ham station bitching
>i dont need this crap im out of this news group
>no need to reply i wont get it
>> his power, capturing the Bird's transponder and making it difficult for
>> power stations like me to get in. It reminded me of several of the
>> here in the Los Angeles area where people use a kilowatt to get into a 80
>> watt repeater. There are plenty of repeaters in my area that I can play
>> game on. I mean do we need to use 250 or 500 watts ERP to get into a bird
>> with 600mW output? I don't think so. Not to mention that these satellites
>> seem to have GREAT receivers. I didn't come to satellites to have a power
>> war. I came here to learn more about communication and to foster the
>> goodwill of amateur radio. Not to mention that talking through a satellite
>> is totally cool.
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