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Further questions and comments and Thank You's

Thanks to everyone that has sent me information as to antennas for satellite 
operations. Many of you have mentioned the "Arrow Antenna" which a friend of 
mine has and demonsrated its ability to copy the sats on. However I am 
looking mostly at building antennas for home use over the long cold winter 
months where standing on the porch in a snow storm seems out of the question 
from a comfort standpoint. Not to mean I won't work for a contact just that I 
am looking for more of a home based setup which I feel I can do with the 
various antenna plans I have received so far.

    One other antenna question has arisen though, in the ARRL Handbook under 
satellite communications it mentions using a J-Pole antenna as designed for 2 
meters and 70 centimeters but not to sure which satellites this would be good 
for? From past experience I have seen/read that j-poles have 2 main "lobes" 
at the horizon/low angle and a hi angle/ overhead lobe that seems that it 
would be a good canidate to start with for AO-27 work.

    Also as for radio output power, after reading the MANY,MANY messages 
about power mongering I am a little wary of using my favorite radios of 
choice as they are commercial style Motorola MCX-100's that usually run at 35 
- 40 watts and can only be turned down to about 25 watts dependably. Also 
after bad experiences in the past I do not own a handheld radio. So at these 
power levels will I fall into the power mongerer classification? Not trying 
to ruffle anyones feathers by these comments/question just that I want to try 
to get along with the other operators on the "birds"...

73's Jacob Tennant,KB8QIR
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