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AO-27 orbit 31511 no downlink?

This morning from 1130 EDT to 1200 EDT I was out in the parking lot at work with
my shiny new Arrow and Yaesu VX-5 and heard exactly *nothing* but static on the
AO-27 downlink. 

With a peak elevation of nearly 80 degrees on this orbit conditions should have
been near perfect. Did anybody else hear a downlink at this time or am I seeing
some effect of the new TEPRs and/or the changing seasons?  I'll frequently hear
the downlink pop-up on the FT-90 in my car motoring around at lunchtime, and
I've worked though AO-27 from the very same location with the VX-5 and an
(admittedly different, borrowed) Arrow antenna. 

The element set epoch on the Keps I'm using is 04 May 1996, and SatTrack
predicted AOS at 11:35, MEL at 11:42 and LOS at 11:50 for FW29KW...OK, so I was
someplace in FN20; it shouldn't make *that* much difference.

Inquiring minds wanna know...

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