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Re: digital sattelites

At 12:00 PM 10/8/99 -0400, Nathan Moore wrote:

> Is it possible to pull data streams off of commercial sattelites?
> I'm wondering specifically about weather sattelites, geological
> sattelites, or anything else that might be interesting.

Sure. The main catch is that, as commercial satellites, the owners are
not obliged to tell you what they're sending, what frequency they're
using, how their data are encoded, or anything else about what they're
up to. The downlink frequencies and data rates may be awkward for
amateurs too.

One example of a relatively easy to receive digital downlink is the
HRPT transmissions from weather satellites. 1.7 GHz, 665.4 kbps
Manchester-encoded BPSK. Fully documented at:


And that's an easy one...there are others, of course...

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