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Re: AO27 (again)

    All good comments.  Please note... to date I have not been able to
    make myself heard on AO-27 at all (weekends).  I have heard my
    voice in SO-35 twice.  Yes, I do hear both of them.  Proof again
    that if I want to compete, I need more ERP.  Who are you to decide
    how I should develop that ERP?  If you catch me violating some
    rule, do your OO thingie.  If not, then stay out of the development
    of my station, unless of course you are willing to finance another
    EME array and legal limit amp like yours.

Yup, SO-35 is hard to get into, but it may not just be a matter of power.
I worked VE6EGN on SO-35 this same weekend on 1W and a couple of other
stations reported that they heard me calling them but just couldn't get in
to reply.  *chuckle*  One thing about running that level of QRP is that i 
can try many times and not worry about stepping on anyone (besides another
QRPer) or missing anything...  (And i'll hear the QRPer and stop if i do.) 
But SO-35 has power constraints that really limit the amount of time it
can operate in voice mode, and so i don't plan to operate on it routinely; 
perhaps initiate one contact per pass, if even that much.

Speaking of which, i'd rather have those who have trouble hearing AO-27 
have a chance at satellite operation via SO-35 and hope others will keep 
that in mind.

I'm now routinely running a couple hundred milliwatts [need a better meter]
on Pacific passses on AO-27 and 1W on transcontinental passes, although
the last half of those passes has been more challenging of late (which is
not a big deal for me, since the last third is usually not very productive).

One of the charms of these birds is that skill (or luck??) is at least as
important as power and an expensive station doesn't necessarily do better
than a low budget or homebrew setup.

Those of you complaining about AO-27 who have suitable equipment should
come up on FO-20 and FO-29 instead.  We need more activity there!  FO-29
is often deserted in JA mode these days, as is FO-20 on Pacific passes.
Even on transcontinental passes, FO-20 often only has a few stations on.
I can't work you QRP there, but we can have much longer QSOs instead,
conditions (and my homebrew software) permitting.

                        -- KD6PAG  (Networking Old-Timer, Satellite QRP)
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