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RE: AO27 (again)

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>  Well, I suppose that when I get around to putting up my EME 
> array, I could always fire it up, with the legal limit amplifier 

Yep, but it wouldn't be circularly polarized.

> Or I could do this in the Spirit of Amateur Radio, and obey Part 97
> of the FCC rules, the part about using only the minimum 
> amount of power necessary to make the contact. 

Yep, and as has been said before, even 50 watts and a beam
sometimes do not make it on the weekends.  What is minimum
power???  If 3KW ERP is what it takes, is that a violation???

> someone who stated

That was me - don't be afraid to give credit where credit is due.

> that it's not that hard to get 3KW ERP, well that's not very 
> much ERP at all, not when you get "serious" about the 
> antenna system...)

Right, not hard at all, and reasonably priced too.  So then why
the fuss?  Anybody can do this.

> Come on guys, do the operating techniques really NEED to be 
> written down? If so, start with Part 97. As a former OO for 
> the ARRL, I can tell you that one of the main things that starts 
> trouble on the airwaves is abuse of power. 

Interesting... because I am assembling a station with 3KW ERP, I 
am now abusing power!  I guess your first statement about the 
EME array and legal limit was not?  We have to date done the
same thing, just mentioned it.  And if I find that 50 watts does
not make it, does that mean that 160 is illegal?

>  "The antenna is far more important than the amount of power 
> that is put to it."
> -- C. Herbert

True, but again, past comments have indicated that on some 
passes, a barefoot radio into a beam is not enough.

> > My motto: If you can't beat'em, join'em, buy yourself an 
> > Amplifier. I know this won't solve the problem, but at least 
> > you'll be able to make more QSO's.

Not my input, but apparently true.  How do you rebut this?

> >
> > At 03:35 PM 10/10/99 -0500, you wrote:
> > ><<<I don't know which is worse, the satellite hogs 
> stepping on others while
> > >using high power earth stations or someone who refuses to 
> change his flawed
> > >operating technique and instead aspires to become part of 
> the problem he is
> > >>>>
> > >
> > >Good point! But, where are the Operating Techniques 
> listed? I have not seen
> > >them in print anywhere. Perhaps someone should write them 
> down and post
> > >them on this board!

All good comments.  Please note... to date I have not been able to
make myself heard on AO-27 at all (weekends).  I have heard my
voice in SO-35 twice.  Yes, I do hear both of them.  Proof again
that if I want to compete, I need more ERP.  Who are you to decide
how I should develop that ERP?  If you catch me violating some
rule, do your OO thingie.  If not, then stay out of the development
of my station, unless of course you are willing to finance another
EME array and legal limit amp like yours.

What I got out of your input was, "I got mine, but you can't have 

I don't think so.

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