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Re: GPS for Symposium hotel

Naw.....   I was there and saw the whole thing.  It was the pool-cleaning guy 
who was yelling:  "hey!  We are on the approach path for the airport."

Jerry, K5OE
ps:  I was also there at 2300 PDT Friday night when Bob was out in the 
parking lot with the new Kenwood rig (sitting on the roof of a car) and 
watched the sat (UO-22 I think) data scroll by on the rig's LCD screen.  
Pretty cool.

> >I finally got packets out of the COnference by stealing two handfulls
>  >of Helium balloons from the decorations and letting them carry my
>  >Twin-lead J pole 14 feet above my room balcony so that my antenna cleared
>  >the hotel roof...  
>  . . .Then a bad boy began throwing rocks at Bob's  balloons, yelling "APRS
>  is a stupid mode!"  As the antenna sank lifeless to the roof, a new balloon
>  appeared by Bob's window.  Then another, and another.  Soon all the
>  balloons in San Diego had abandoned their owners and gathered by Bob's
>  window.  They lifted Bob high in the sky for a tour of the city.  With his
>  position duly reported by APRS, of course.  :-)
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