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amateur behavior

I feel the need to respond here because I am the person who made the "Idiot"
comment to hector in the first place.
I may be relatively new to amateur satellite work but I am no idiot. To be
perfectly honest with you, I being from Los Angeles where we have Many FM
repeaters and several which demonstrate the worst in amateur behavior, am
familiar with what is good and what is bad about amateur radio. So Within
the first week of monitoring and attempting to work AO-27 one thing stood
out HECTOR. Every other contact made was with HECTOR, Hector was with all
his power, capturing the Bird's transponder and making it difficult for low
power stations like me to get in. It reminded me of several of the repeaters
here in the Los Angeles area where people use a kilowatt to get into a 80
watt repeater. There are plenty of repeaters in my area that I can play this
game on. I mean do we need to use 250 or 500 watts ERP to get into a bird
with 600mW output? I don't think so. Not to mention that these satellites
seem to have GREAT receivers. I didn't come to satellites to have a power
war. I came here to learn more about communication and to foster the
goodwill of amateur radio. Not to mention that talking through a satellite
is totally cool.

I assure you that I do have the expertise to erect and control a "Power"

Do I need too? I don't think so, I in the first week of operation on amateur
satellites made 10 contacts in 4 passes on 2 birds, with a VX5 and an arrow
antenna. I will continue to Have fun with amateur radio and to do the best I
can to hold other operators to the same High standard I have for my own
Name calling is well below my standards so I won't go there Dave.

73 de W6JHC

*Pay no attention to this type of  "idiot" response!  They only come from
*people that do not have enough expertise to control their own operations
*efficiently.  They would be better served by getting assistance from the
*wealth of knowledge that is available.

    73 Dave   wb6llo@amsat.org

           Disagree; I learn.

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