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Well I guess the reason I didn't here SO-35 is because it isnt on during the 
week as I have been told by various others. Well I guess there is still more 
for me to learn about the satellite operations schedules.

However, I would like to thank everyone for not responding to me in flaming 
messages as has happened to me on other reflectors.

So for now I iwll continue to work on my antennas and getting a 440 radio for 

Also nobody has responded to the questions about the omni antennas I 
mentioned either. Is this a sign that nobdy uses them or just waiting for 
another chance to reply? The antennas in question are (1) W3KH Quadrifilar 
Helix's from the article in August 1996 QST page 30, (2) Lindenblad antennas 
from the AMSAT web page? Any advice? Good,Bad,Ugly? or any other suggestions? 
I also looked M2 eggbeaters but from being on a tight budget I would rather 
spend 130.00+ dollars on part of a trackable beams system AFTER getting 
something basic in the air first so as to start with.

73's and thanks for no FLAME! I get enough of that from Jalapenos...  :-)
Jacob Tennant,KB8QIR
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