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SO-35 Rx attempt #2 FAILED?

Hello again,

    Well just tried the next pass of SO-35 over my area and wasn't able to 
hear anything except for the squelch changes as before.

    I tried a old 5element beam, 1/4wave verticle, and the HT's rubber duck 
antenna and all 3 sounded the same?

    I moved all 3 around so as to try to catch the right polarization angles, 
and did I look weird doing it on my porch not to mention the local cable 
repair tech. got a good laugh too, but the signal never improved or got worse?

    I double checked the pass as I have a IBM and a PowerMac both running 
tracking software and they both were within 15 seconds time of being the same 
for AOS and position of SO-35?

    Have pickedup the plans for two different satellite omni-directional 
antennas, a "Lindenblad" and a "W3KH Quadrifilar Helix", any advise as to how 
good,bad,ugly these antennas will perform for use on AO-27 & SO-35? Their 
construction looks a little complicated but I enjoy a fair challenge and like 
to build antennas so these two weirdo's are right up my alley.

    As you can tell I don't have much of a station setup at this time but 
looking really hard at getting everthing going so as to at least do the FM 
sat's very soon. It's just that this antenna situation has me constrained as 
my landlord is kind of anti-big antenna oriented. Also since I haven't hit 
the big Powerball Lottery yet, money needs to be spend very consciously 
(ie... sparingly for junk and failed projects)

73's and still trying, Jake KB8QIR
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