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Hello James, many thanks for your opinion about how I operated SO-35
and AO-27 Today and yesterday.

With all due respect sir, but it tells me that you have a great lack of
experience on the ham bands, I operated SO-35 and AO-27 using my 40 elements
UHF antenna and only 5 watts from my ft-847 with 37 dbs of preamp,
if i already have such equipment do i have to work the 'bird' using handheld
and a 5 elements antenna and fight against QRM and QRN? just because you say
so? I dont think so!
I have such equipment because it is hard to work the sats and my antenna and
rig give me a pretty good signal quality instead of using qrp or monoband

In no moment I'm violating any SCT regulation for ham satellite operation
and if I can afford to have a 40 elements antenna and a ft-847, i dont have
to try to reach the sats from mobil and using a quarter wave antenna for
example, why should I? That's a matter of preferences and everybodys own

You say that my way of operating was inconsiderate? well I would say that
your way of operating is not the appropiate because you cannot improve
your station to reach or hear the sats with a good quality signal?
It seems to me that you still a rookie on ham operation.

What happens on the HF bands when someone is doing QRP at lets say 5 watts
when most of the station on his or hers same frequency are using 100 watts
on average and beam antennas?
The QRP'er knows very well the price to pay for the kind of operation he
choosed and he knows quite well he will have very strong signals above him
from the hams operating at a higher power or using antennas with as lot more
gain, are this other hams inconsiderate because someone is using low power
on a dipole? I dont think so!

So i would reccomend to you to improve your station so you can hear and hit
the sats with a better signal than you actually do.

On the other hand my QSO's on SO-35 and AO-27 yesterday were very short,
just the necessary time to exchange the reglamentary data to confirm the QSO,
I keep saying my callsign during the very short periods of silence on
SO-35 and i dont recall jumping aboive anyone.

I will QRV in all bird's 

73 de XE2EKY. Hector Solorzano

                                ('0 0')
                             .ooO (_) Ooo.
  CALLSING: XE2EKY                      Grid Square: DM22sp
       QTH: Av. Veracruz y 7a. #1500    E-MAIL: xe2eky@cinco.ampr.org
            Mexicali, B.C. 21140 Mex    Packet: cinco.ampr.org (SYSOP)
                      CW,    RTTY,    HSMS,    HSCW,

SATELLITE:     AO-27, RS-15, RS-13, FO-20, FO-29, R0MIR, SO-35

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