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RE: AO27 (again)

On Mon, 11 Oct 1999, Michael P. Olbrisch wrote:

> The operating technique that seems to work best is to have
> enough ERP to be heard.  Maybe when I retire in 20 years or
> so I can try those week-day passes that are supposed to be
> so easy to work.

Sneak outside Mike <grin>, the weekday passes are a lot of fun and if I 
can regurally do it with just a whip antenna and 5 watts, anybody can do 
it! John Mock told me of a technique using a chain link fence to act as a 
reflector, I have found that I can use one of those great big steel trash 
dumpsters and accomplish the same thing. I do look a bit odd lurking 
around a trash dumpster but it's amazing how a big piece of steel like 
that can really help out as a reflector.

73 de Jeff
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