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Re: SO-35

Good afternoon AMSAT,

I can only say that the same hell is here in Europe, it's even possible
to hear big station calling CQ DURING the QSO of two other stations.

The only answers to that are :
- no more monochanel satellites
- 'linker' mode, of which i already made a description a few weeks ago
on that list.

The last one has two advantages :
- it is the proof that OM can discipline themselves, making sure that
that they will behave correctly during extrem needs,
- it will convince beginnners to come by.

All other options are going to be unsuccesful.
I shall add that if our satellite project comes to orbit, 'linker' mode
will be the only one allowed on the FM transponder.

Said for what it may serve.


Michael P. Olbrisch wrote:
> > If the new guys have no hope of getting a contact what is the
> > point in putting up these "beginner type" satellites?
> I cannot give you an answer to that.

Ghislain RUY 
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