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Re: The Station Program Timers

In a message dated 10/10/99 12:54:39 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
patricio@cyberg8t.com writes:

> Can someone explain the Tracker, Display and Rotator items under the  Menus
>  Tools, Options and Timers?
>  I would like to know how to determine the correct ms value.
Hi Pat,

This is from the Station Program Help file:

Everything in Station is controlled by timers. Timer intervals are always 
specified in milli-seconds, i.e. 1000 milli-seconds in 1 second. Unless you 
want the whole program to grind to a halt, don't specify any timer intervals 
below 1000 milli-seconds. 

The Tracker Timer controls updates to your radios for Doppler correction. 

The Display Timer controls updates to the Map and tracking details in the 
tabs and Information Panel.

The Rotator Timer controls updates to the rotator controller. When tracking a 
low-orbit satellite that will reach a high-elevation on its pass, set the 
time interval to 15 seconds (15000), not the usual period of 30 seconds 
(30000). The elevation and azimuth targets change so fast at high antenna 
elevations that the antenna will lag the satellite without the more frequent 
updates described here! 

When I ran the Station Program, I had mine set at 2000 - 2000 - 15000. This 
is on a 200 MHz Pentium. Seemed to work OK. 

Mike, N1JEZ
AMSAT #29649
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