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RE: SO-35

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> I would not hold your breath.  I know this horse has been
> beaten way beyond death but it is still amazing that this
> continues each pass.

Yep, interesting, isn't it?

> I was at home and could barely get into the bird with my
> antennas even when the bird was near me.

Makes you wonder about those people who insist they get
good contacts with a handheld.  Not on weekends I bet!!

> Considering the fact that most of us are using the same
> type of antennas at home, there is really only one way
> that a station at the far end of the footprint is getting
> into the bird over someone close to it.

Nope... still using the Tri-band J-Pole.  I have heard my voice
in the downlink several times, but have yet to make a contact
due to other stronger stations capturing the bird.

> Where is the challenge in that?

For me???  Heck, just getting my first contact on 27 or 35 is
a challenge!!!

> I was trying to call a new ham trying to make his first contact
> on both SO-35 and AO-27 today and he never had a chance.

I understand.  Frustrating, and not a very good example of amateur
radio friendliness.

> I am afraid this was not a very good showing of our behavior.

It was a good example of the way it is today.

> Nobody gave the poor guy a chance to make a contact and kept
> talking over him after I called several times.

Tell him not to give up.  I understand that the week-day passes are
easier.  I cannot try that... did you ever try to hear anything RF-
related in a power plant?  This is not rocket science, as I have said
before.  Big beams and amplifiers are becoming the rule rather than
the exception.  Careful shopping in the hamfests will find some good
deals.  3KW ERP is easily accomplished with a bit of care.  Mine should
be finished soon, and I would be happy to share the plans with your
friend.  One of the keys is to mount the amplifier at the antenna,
so the full 160 watts goes into the 15+dB gain.

> If the new guys have no hope of getting a contact what is the
> point in putting up these "beginner type" satellites?

I cannot give you an answer to that.

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