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K5OE wrote- It would be nice if some of the northern CA stattion that get
into the bird would declare something like "please stand by for the


I would not hold your breath.  I know this horse has been beaten way beyond
death but it is still amazing that this continues each pass.  I was at home
and could barely get into the bird with my antennas even when the bird was
near me.  Considering the fact that most of us are using the same type of
antennas at home, there is really only one way that a station at the far end
of the footprint is getting into the bird over someone close to it.  Where
is the challenge in that?

I was trying to call a new ham trying to make his first contact on both
SO-35 and AO-27 today and he never had a chance.  I am afraid this was not a
very good showing of our behavior.  Nobody gave the poor guy a chance to
make a contact and kept talking over him after I called several times.  If
the new guys have no hope of getting a contact what is the point in putting
up these "beginner type" satellites?



Scott E. Olitsky, M.D.
Children's Hospital of Buffalo

No Goal!

NHL Rule 78-B:    Unless the puck is in the goal crease area, a player of
the attacking side may not stand in the goal crease. If a player has entered
the crease prior to the puck, and subsequently the puck should enter the net
while such conditions prevail, the apparent goal shall not be allowed.


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