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SO-35 From AMSAT Symposium

The 1750 pass was a good one here.  I had the opportunity to stand next to 
Danny, VA3JDH, who was using an HT and an Arrow Antenna.  Danny was able hear 
many stations calling him (I could hear the loud ones even though he was 
wearing one of those ear plug/boom mic contraptions).  Unfortunately, he was 
only able to complete a fraction of the confirmations as it was very 
difficult for him to get in after the bird got high over N.A.  You know why.  
Stations I recall hearing were W0KVA, XE2EKY, VE6EGN, AB9V, W0OQC.  On the 
far western pass at 1935, it might be nice if one of the northern CA stations 
(or other western ground stations) that can get into the bird would declare 
something like:  "please standby for the AMSAT convention."  That way, maybe 
he will have a chance to provide confirmations.
Jerry, K5OE
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