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Re: AO-27 experiment

Good point Roy. I travel often at work, by plane or car. I use with
varying  degrees of success, in order of POD(Probability Of Detection)on
AO-27/SO-35,  an Arrow antenna with preamp, a collapasable dual band
whip, a long rubber duck, and lastly the standard rubber duck.  I used to
use a Yaesu 51R(full duplex), but found my VX5R more convient to carry
around, and it has a better receiver. I also calculate the passes with my
Palm Pilot, used to print off schedules and carry with me. When I was on
vacation several years ago in Maine I actually worked a couple of
European country's on a standard rubber duck antenna! At this point I
don't see any sense in running 1 or 2 watts, I fire up my 5 WATTS!!  QRP
be damned....

73 Jeff kb2wqm 

On Thu, 7 Oct 1999 11:34:48 -0400 Ray Soifer <71331.1337@compuserve.com>
> Hi,
> After reading (and writing as well) that one cannot work
> AO-27 with the rubber duck antenna that comes with
> handheld transceivers, I tried an experiment today.
> This morning, there was a dead overhead pass (90
> degrees max elevation) with relatively light satellite
> usage because it was a weekday.  I got on AO-27
> with my FT-50R handheld, a 2-watt battery instead
> of the 5-watt battery I normally use, and the standard-
> issue 7 inch (18 mm) rubber duck antenna.  My
> estimated eirp was approximately one-half watt.  The
> only concession I made to common sense was to
> use a speaker-mike so I could move the radio
> around more freely to follow the bird than if I had
> to speak and listen without it.
> The results: I worked four stations: NR3G, VA3JDH,
> KA0OXY and WA2HKS/mobile.  
> Admittedly, this experiment was conducted under
> ideal conditions and after many, many failed
> attempts when conditions were less than perfect.
> I would not recommend this to others (or even to
> myself) as a normal mode of operation.  On the
> next pass, I'm going back to my 5-watt battery and
> MFJ-1717.  On the other hand, I learned a lesson: never
> ever say that something won't work.  You CAN
> make QSOs on AO-27 with a 2-watt HT and a
> rubber duck -- just not many of them and not
> very often!
> 73, Ray, W2RS
> w2rs@amsat.org
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