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[htaprs] VHF/GPS antennas?

I know this if off topic but it sounds to great to not pass along. Even if
you don't do APRS this is a neat idea.



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>Subject: [htaprs] VHF/GPS antennas?
>Date: Fri, 8 Oct 1999 18:31:02 -0700
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>I was talking with a representative of one of the major antenna
>manufacturers today and noticed they have dual band UHF/GPS and 800 MHz/GPS
>antennas.  I asked them if they thought about making one for VHF/GPS, and
>they said they have considered it if there was a need for one they would
>make one.  I then explained APRS basically to them and they said to ask
>around if such an antenna was desired they could probably make one.  So my
>question to all of you is:  Is anyone interested in such an item and would
>they prefer permanent mount or magnetic mount or both.  It would be a low
>profile antenna, probably unity gain.  Anyway let me know on the sigs or
>private email.  Please pass this idea along to anyone else that is not on
>these lists as well
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