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Fwd: [dsp] N4HY DSP modem codes available

This includes 400 bps demods for Phase III-D and
1200 bps for PACSAT,  and 9600 bps FSK with
equalizer developed for UOSAT.  Some of the code
is good and usable, some of it is awful.  Please
make use of it as you see fit.  I hope Timewave's
generosity will be rewarded by returning to them
any improvements we make.

Please read Johan's legalese and understand that
I am busy and Timewave has its own agenda.  I
hope that we port this stuff to the EVM56002,
make improvements, learn something, etc.


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>Subject: [dsp] N4HY DSP modem codes available
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>Hi folks,
>To let you know that Tim has moved Bob's code package
>to the DSP download area. Look for it at:
>What it is:
>A substantial collection of various FSK, PSK, and other FAX-like
>DSP modem source code that was developed by Bob McGwier, N4HY
>for the AEA DSP2232 family modems. This code package is made
>available to the amateur community with the blessings of
>Timewave, who now manufacture, sells, and supports AEA 
>DSP2232 modems. 
>As always, the disclaimer: What you see is what you get.
>There is no warranty -- use at your own risk, but we
>welcome and encourages folks to share experiences and 
>efforts so that we can all learn something along the way.
>Thanks to Bob and Timewave!
>Johan, KC7WW
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