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Re: AO-27 experiment

    usage because it was a weekday.  I got on AO-27
    with my FT-50R handheld, a 2-watt battery instead
    of the 5-watt battery I normally use, and the standard-
    issue 7 inch (18 mm) rubber duck antenna.  My

Yup, i can confirm it works.  I did the almost same thing with my Alinco
DJ-G5TH when i first got it, although i cheated by using a chain-link
fence as a reflector.  Indeed, i worked numerous stations routinely with
a long rubber duck from at/near the Walnut Creek BART station until`i
came up with an antenna comparable to an Arrow.  A rubber duck can work,
but NOT recommended for beginners.  It can be frustrating and numerous
such people ruin things for everyone calling CQ when they can't hear.

It also doesn't work at all at my end of the SF Bay, mostly due to an ATV
station on continuously in Marin.  Almost anywhere in the bay side of the
East Bay north of Oakland, a directional antenna really is a requirement.
Similar situations due to other sources may well exist in other urbanized
areas.  So please, folks, don't expect a bare HT to work if you've never
worked AO-27 before.
                                -- KD6PAG
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