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Say bye bye

Guys guys guys guys! Enough is enough. Drop it. The thing crashed or was
lost or whatever because a HUMAN screwed up. I thought this reflector was
about satellites and amateur radio and not about whose fault it was for
losing a satellite because of some piddling stupid error on someones part.
Have you never made a mistake? OK so it cost a few billion dollars.Have we
learned anything? I hope so! It's gone, bye bye, lost, out of here, history
or what other adjective you would care to attach to it. Get over it. Drop
it. No amount of gripping or complaining or fault finding or finger
pointing or blaming will bring it back. The satellite crashed, get over it.
If you can do a better job, then perhaps you should go to work for NASA.
I think I will say good by to this reflector. I may join it again as soon
as some folks grow up and it gets back to the real purpose.

So, I am saying bye bye.


see ya on the birds

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