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New to satellite operations


    I am very new to satellite operations and only have 2 &70 FM radios and a 
10meter rigs. Was looking at trying to start with AO-27 till the money makes 
the others possible.
    Was needing some clarification on the AO-27 system. From what I have been 
able to understand is that it is only operational while it is in daylight 
exposure? Is that everyday or just on the weekends? My radios are Motorola 
MCX-100 mobiles converted to amateur band operations so a tunable VFO is not 
a option, had seen a article or two in the past as to which frequencies to 
program for use on AO-27 and was needing someone to send them to me if these 
I have are incorrect. I have 145.845/.850/.855 for uplink and 
436.7750/.7875/.8000/.8125/.8250 for the down link?
    Also saw a mention of the use of APRS on one of the satellites the other 
day but missed saving it and was wondering what satellite and frequencies 
mentioned for that.

73's Jacob Tennant,KB8QIR
Getting on satellites because being in a deep valley stinks!
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