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Wednesday's transcontinental AO-27 pass [was: ... TalkAbout Labels]

This morning's transcontinental AO-27 pass was particular difficult.  I
heard KC2BZJ try something like seven times to make a contact and was
stepped on about half of the time and who knows how many times the person
she was calling tried.  And there were quite a few hello's and i think one
extended discussion as well.

   Now to make this a space related post, why does it seem that on many of the
   passes of AO-27 segments of the pass seem to be getting clobbered with what
   sounds like someone just holding down the PTT button and not saying
   anything? Is this some form of easily explained terrestrial interference or
   is someone who just 'get's their kicks' out of ruining it for everyone else?

Yup, and that happened, too.  But i've also been on terrestrial nets
where someone asks a question and three or four people throw out their
callsign to net control at the same time.  It sounds like complete hash.
I thought i heard at least a few times what seemed like at least three
stations at once, probably more.  It's not a power issue but a congestion
one, as often i can make contacts on 1W on such passes if i listen
carefully and jump in at exactly the right moment.  But i can only be
successful with this when i can clearly hear my own downlink (which works
better for me at 1W than 5W in an urbanized area), so i can back off in a
very quickly [like a fraction of a second] if someone else is also trying.
This does require a rig which can operate in full-duplex (which usually
also implies dual-receive capability), such as the FT-51 or DJ-G5T.

Today seemed worse that many weekend passes, and the problem may now be
more DX passes than weekend ones, at least, on this coast.  Even on the
weekends, Pacific passes are generally rather well-behaved and i've been
routinely using as little as a couple hundred milliwatts [uh, Spanish-
speaking terrestrial QRM permitting].

The real problem is that AO-27 is seriously overloaded on DX passes and
we need people to show more restraint.  In particular, please try to work
someone at least one or two fields away (such as CM87->EN52) on such passes
and save the 'local' traffic for passes that don't cover both coasts.

Hopefully in a week or two, we'll have several new birds up there and the
situation will improve noticably.  Meanwhile, please try to work the new
stations (or at least new grids) on the transcontinental passes.

                                -- KD6PAG
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